The Cathedral Parish of St Dunstan's

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St Dunstan's home groups meet at different times, on different days.

There are groups that meet in the evenings, and some that meet during the day.
There are bible study groups, as well as groups which study recommended books.

Some groups meet throughout the year, others only seasonally - so there is something for everyone!

All members are encouraged to join a home group.


Have you ever wondered what Home Groups are all about?

Come and join us and experience that loved feeling.
The Home Groups are looking to expand their numbers,
and we would like to extend an invitation to all new and existing parishioners
to come and join a Home Group in your area.

There is a list on the board at the back of the church indicating the various groups
and which area they are operating in.
We will also be having a Sunday morning where you can meet the Home Group leaders
and take the opportunity to sign up and join a group.
In the meantime, each week, we will be adding information below about each Home Group that is operating
and then have a “Sign up Sunday”.

Alternatively have you ever thought of leading a group yourself?
If you feel you would like to, please contact the office on 011 421 2992 for more information

We call ourselves “The Waifs” as none of us had belonged to a permanent home group
prior to this one being formed.
The group meets in Farrarmere, although the members come from all over.
We alternate the meetings between the West and Cary homes, and occasionally others,
as leadership alternates between Mike Cary, Gerald West and Jill Stirk.
As our members are all essentially busy people, the group meets for three seasons per year,
each season being around 6-weeks duration.
Recent material we have been following is the Rob Bell Nooma-DVD series, which we find most interesting.

We meet on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening from 7pm through to 9 pm.
We are a caring and sharing group comprising of about 12 members
who have been together for approximately 5 years,
but we would welcome any new members who might want to join us.
Please contact Jill Stirk on 083 491 9099 for further details.






We Care About You


Who May Use This Service?

Anyone is welcome to phone for assistance.
Our aim is to offer care and support.

How Much Will It Cost?
There is no charge for this service.

Who Are The Counsellors?

Our counsellors are well-trained licensed counsellors
who adhere to the highest standards of ethics.
Confidentiality is strictly observed.

What Type of Counselling is Offered?

We offer counselling services which include:
Trauma Counselling,
Parenting Issues,
Difficulties relating to illness,
Marital Difficulties,
Relationship Difficulties,
Work Related Problems.

How Does It Operate?

All counselling is by appointment.

Margaret Cary Tel: (011) 894 3704