St Dunstan's Cathedral
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The Very Rev. William J Mostert
Rev. Graham Alexander Rev. Joe Thompson Dcn. Phil Laurings Dcn. Debbie Wesseloo Mtr Lindy Rookyard
The Light of Christ Forgiveness The Beautitudes We have a Gospel to Proclaim Here I am Lord - Send Me Mission and Evangelism
Peace God's Covenant Towards The Cross Peace Reconciliation Palm Sunday
The Touch of Jesus God's Presence St Dunstan's Day Justice Christ With Us Reconciliation
Pentecost 2013 Service Corpus Christi Faith The Gifts of God Remembering and Becoming
  The Victorious Life The Grace of God One Foundation Come, Holy Spirit Walking With Jesus
  Beacons of Joy and Hope Good and Faithful Servant The Promise True Love The Unforgiving Servant
  Love and Forgiveness Love Time to Reflect 2nd Sunday of Lent Lord Save Me
  God's Holy Spirit Friendship with Jesus Baptism Sermon Pentecost 2014 The Parable of the Sower
  John The Baptist We want to see Jesus Temptation in Lent   The High-Priestly Prayer
  Christian Health You Have The Power Prayer and Commitment   Jesus Promises
  Temples of God Dedicated Giving Living Water    
  Love One Another I Love You, Jesus Jesus appears to his disciples    
  God our Refuge All Saints Jesus promises the Holy Spirit    
  Our Common Calling Epiphany 2013      
  True Wisdom Transfiguration 2013      
  Jesus Our High Priest Palm Sunday 2013      
  Christ The King Easter Sunday 2013      
  Temptation His Ministry of Love      
  Patience and Readiness Simple Faith      
  Responsible Christian Living Rememberance  Sunday 2013      
  The Presentation of our Lord in the Temple Reason and Passion      
  St Peter and St Paul   Matthew 5: 38-48       
  Sunday  15 - 13th July Fourth Sunday in Lent 2014       
    PALM SUNDAY 2014       
    Easter Sunday 2014        
    Fourth Sunday of Easter 2014        
    St Dunstanís Day 2014      
    Trinity Sunday 2014      
    Sixth Sunday after Pentecost      

Visiting Preachers (Click on the links below to download the sermon)

1.  Bishop's Pentecost Sermon

2.  Trinity Sunday Rev. Robert Rajagaupaul from St. Mary Magdalene, Actonville (Cathedral Chapelry)